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Senior Pastor

Bro. Dewayne and Judy Taylor

Allow me to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting our web site.  Dorrisville Baptist, located in Harrisburg, Illinois, is a dynamic, growing community church.  We are a group of believers in the Lord Jesus whose desire is to share the heart of God.  Called to serve rather than be served, we don't want to just talk Jesus--we want to "do" Jesus.  Whether across the ocean or across the street, our goal is to share the love of Jesus through our voice and our actions.  

We trust you will find our web site informative, inspirational and helpful. Please contact us with questions or comments and join us in person as we serve the Lord together.

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Associate Pastor of Worship and Education

Bro. David and Connie Higgs

It's my privilege to serve the Savior who has shown me grace unending. When we sing together on Sunday mornings, our goal is to make much of Jesus and His Gospel and to do so to the best of our ability as a worship team and to inspire one another to make that time only a small part of our life of worship. We are not our own. We are His.

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Associate Pastor of Youth and Activities

Bro Brent Holloway, wife, Traci, daughter McKenzi and friend Austin Hefner, and son, Trenton and his wife Becca .

Here at Dorrisville we believe in youth. We attempt to support them in all that they do. No matter what the age of your children, we have a place for them. From Sunday School to Youth IMPACT to Wednesday night interest groups, our youth are involved. So come on out, get involved, and let's share the love of our Savior, Jesus Christ! 

God's peace!

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staff support

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Administrative Specialist

Lynn Masters

Lynn serves as our administrative specialist. She maintains the church data base and  can help you with address or phone numbers updates and other needed changes. Lynn also is responsible for sharing events and other church news on social media.  If you have information you want to share contact Lynn and she will be happy to share your good news!

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Financial Manager

Vicki Blackman

Vickie is responsible for maintaining offering statements, offering envelopes and other financial information for DBC. 

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Facility Maintenance

Burt Hubbs and wife Annette

Burt has served DBC since 2012 as as part of our facility maintenance team. His chief responsiblity is keeping the church buildings clean and church grounds well groomed.                                                                   We believe he does a great job!


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Facility Maintenance

Danny DeNeal and wife Merry

Danny has been  a part of our facility maintenance team since 2017. He assists Burt in maintaining our facilities and grounds. We appreciate his work ethic and attention to detail!