Student Ministry


weekly opportunities:

  • Sunday evening Youth IMPACT: Most Sunday evenings youth meet from 5-7 pm where they participate in a variety of activities including Bible study, games and snacks.


  • Wednesday evening during the school year our youth will be assisting in the BIG A Club which begins at 6 pm. Not only is it a time of fun learning activites but also teaches them more about what it means to be a Christian in today's world and serving others.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               







 Super Summer:June 29-July 3

Students will leave at 9 am on June 29 to travel to Hannibal LaGrange College in Hannibal MO. Students are asked to bring extra money for meals to and from Hannibal. Those who would like to attend please see Pastor Brent Holloway.



Mission Trip 2021: July 6-10 

Youth will leave for New Orleans on July 6 for a mission experience through MissionLab which will take place in the New Orleans area. Students will be housed on the campus of New Orleans Theological Seminary where they will also be receiving training about missions.


Annual Canoe Trip: August 1,2


Youth will leave Sunday afternoon for Current River for their annual canoe trip. They will need to bring bedding, change of clothes and old tennis shoes to wear while canoeing.





Judgement House:  November 3,4,5